Three Take-Aways From The Climate Change Investing Roundtable

Insights from investing professionals

The Roundtable was held at the venerable Yale Club in Manhattan. Source: Wikipedia

Renewable Natural Gas (RNG)

Cow manure.

A feedlot in the Texas panhandle. Source: Wikipedia

The Regulatory Environment

Considering that the Trump Administration’s stated policy on climate science can only be described as retrograde anti-science, it may come as a surprise to you that recent legislation has provided a big boost to ventures involved in carbon capture.

The U.S. Capitol Building. Source: Wikipedia

The Bond Market

One of the panelists is a fixed income expert who was involved in the process to oversee Puerto Rican debt obligations set forth in PROMESA.

A Puerto Rican community, the morning after Hurricane Maria. Source: Wikipedia

Summary for Intelligent Investors

You and I, gentle reader, have the simultaneous fortune and misfortune of circumstance that allows us to live during a civilization-level paradigm shift.

Passionate about harnessing the power of the free market to solve humanity’s biggest adaptation challenge.

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