Hi John,

Thanks for your comments. The whole issue of carbon tax and how to make them less regressive (through carbon “dividends”) is a big topic of discussion in the world of professional economists.

Here’s an excellent, long-form story that just ran in the Chicago Booth Review on the topic:

Your point about consumer information is well-taken, but I contend that the strongest message about the carbon content of a product or service comes in the price tag.

Increasing price tags will spur investment in renewable energy resources, but as Richard Rhodes points out in his book “Energy”, it takes a new energy technology roughly 50 years to get to 10% market share. From a geophysical standpoint, I’m not sure if we have 50 years’ worth of time before very serious ramifications begin.

If so, carbon sequestration will be a necessary part of the technology equation. Take a look at my article about Carbon Engineering, a company that is sequestering carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and recycling it!


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Founder of IOI Capital. Passionate about harnessing the power of the free market to solve humanity’s biggest adaptation challenge.

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