Grid Modernization: We Must Rebuild Our Innovation Engine

The Biden Administration has a wonderful opportunity to make far-reaching infrastructure improvements that will fight climate change and have a good chance of garnering bipartisan support

The present grid paradigm has reached its sundown. Source: Alexander Popov via Unsplash
Robby the Robot in the 1950s sci-fi thriller Forbidden Planet. Source:

Our Current Grid

500 horsepower alternating current generators at the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago. Source:
A simplified schematic diagram of the generation, transmission, and distribution systems. Here, we see the three types of customers: Industrial, Commercial, Residential (top to bottom on right). Source: Wikipedia
The four North American Interconnections and the regional reliability organizations. See the WECC website for more information about the grid hierarchy. Source: NERC
A steam turbine this large builds up an enormous amount of angular momentum. The current electrical grid relies on inertia to keep in balance. Source: Wikipedia

Where The System Must Be Improved

Strategic Planning

Monitoring Technology

Generation, Storage, and Transmission Technology

Even with the recent rapid growth in renewable generation capacity, nearly two-thirds of electricity in the US is generated by burning fossil fuels. Source: US Energy Information Agency

Passionate about harnessing the power of the free market to solve humanity’s biggest adaptation challenge.

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