ClimateTech Updates For February 2021

News about some of the most exciting ventures in the world: Xpansiv, PrairieFood, Carbon Engineering, and 1PointFive

Humanity’s beautiful lifeboat. Source: NASA


I wrote about this amazing company last August in the article Using Big Data And The Power Of Markets To Solve Climate Change.

Using Xpansiv’s technology, commodity tanks of gasoline turn into multi-dimensional “Digital Feedstock” — a digital asset that contains information about how that gasoline was made. Source:


I last wrote about this Kansas-based start-up in September 2019 in an article entitled Capitalism vs Climate Change: The Case of PrairieFood. I kept up with the company’s progress during 2020 and will be featuring them again in a series planned for March about carbon sequestration.

Flowers love PrairieFood as well. These are photos from an earlier test of PrairieFood by an organic flower grower. Source:

Carbon Engineering

I have been writing about Carbon Engineering for a few years now and had the pleasure of visiting the company’s R&D site in beautiful Squamish, British Columbia in the summer of 2019. CE is on the vanguard of Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology and is the first company to have a truly industrial-scale solution to remove CO2 directly from the atmosphere. I last wrote about CE in October of last year in an article entitled Carbon Engineering’s Licenses To Print Money.

Carbon Engineering’s R&D Center and Test Facility in Squamish, BC. Source:


I wrote about 1PointFive — a company whose CEO, Jim McDermott, is on the board of Carbon Engineering — in the article Carbon Engineering’s Licenses To Print Money. McDermott’s investment company partnered with Occidental Petroleum to form 1PointFive last August. The joint venture acquired a license to use Carbon Engineering’s DAC technology and leverage Occidental’s geological and engineering expertise and will build the first industrial-scale DAC plant in the Permian Basin of Texas.

Engineering rendering of 1PointFive’s planned DAC plant in the Permian Basin of Texas. Source:

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