Capitalism Vs. Climate Change: Moleaer’s Innovative Nanobubbles

A start-up is using emerging research into microscopic oxygen bubble-infused water to help crops improve resistance to climate change.

Moleaer is working with NASA to test nanobubble irrigation in microgravity environments. Source: NASA

Executive Summary

Moleaer’s Solution to a Growing Problem

Satellite view of a severe algal bloom in Lake Erie in 2011. Algal blooms are caused by synthetic fertilizer runoff into the water table.

The Wonder of Nanobubbles

Moleaer’s oxygenation systems in use at an open-water aquaculture installation. Moleaer’s systems improve the health and sanitary conditions for fish farms. Source:

Moleaer the Company

Plants in this greenhouse in the Netherlands produced significantly higher yields, and larger and better quality produce thanks to Moleaer’s system. Source:

Passionate about harnessing the power of the free market to solve humanity’s biggest adaptation challenge.

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